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The Course Offerings

To make sure that the College of Arts and Sciences realizes its mission-vision and achieves
its objectives, several courses which give edge to our students are offered.

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (BS Math) is a technologically oriented
course of the College. Aside from having the minimum required units of mathematics, BS Math program has its elective courses allowing flexibility and accomodates the special interests of the various departments.

The Bachelor of Science in Development Communication (BS Dev. Communication)
is the college’s answer to the pressing needs of social sciences. The course helps the college in producing graduates who are development-oriented professionals, understand the communication process and apply strategic communication skills in addressing the multifaceted concerns of development, a BS Dev. Com graduate’s critical role in developing countries like the Philippines.

The Bachelor of Arts in English (BA English) is a course offered by the college to cater
the needs of liberal arts. The course is distinct from the AB English course offered in other schools for it specializes in applied linguistics. The course answers the need of the community for graduates who are versatile in the use of language across varied domains and disciplines.

Finally, the Board of Trustees approved resolution number 264 series of 2001which allows
the College of Arts and Sciences to offer The Bachelor of Science in Statistics (BS Stat.). This will be a course that will make CTU produce graduates who will fill in the need of statistics major.