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University Hymn

You weathered all the long years

And now with us you still abide.

From a simple, solitary root

Your great arms opened wide

And each time the brave heart

Remembers your humble story, it fills with pride

And we pledge that in our heart and spirit

That same spirit will survive

Home and mother of our searching souls,

Beloved University!

Though humble our goals, your earnest way ensures

Our means to be truly free.

Though our relevant force to harness Earth’s resource

And your patient technology

We will march at the front in the war against want,

And let kind Heaven let this be,

And let kind Heaven let this be!

An onward, though uncertain,

With boldness we set our course,

From a simple, ordinary folk

You bring forth an active force

Learning, ever yearning to set out in new directions,

Ambitious goals

For the generations that are yet to be

Fullness of life and dignity.

Its our once and future legacy

For country and for University.