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    Doctor in Development Education (Dev.Ed.D.) 
     Doctor of Philosophy in technology Management (Ph.D. TM) 
     Master in Education (M.Ed.) 
     Master in Public Administration (MPA) 
     Master of Arts in Vocational Education (MAVED) 
     Master of Science in Industrial Technology (MSIT) 
     Master in Technician Education (MTE) 
         Major :  
                     1. Automotive
                     2. Drafting 
                     3. Electrical 
                     4. Electronics

                     5. Machine Shop 


    Bachelor of Science in Development Communication (BS Dev. Com.)
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (BSMath)
Bachelor of Arts in English (ABEnglish) 
     Bachelor of Science in Statistics (BSStat)


nbsp;   Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEEd)

     Major : Home Economics and Livelihood Education 
                 General Content 
                 Pre-Elementary Education 
                 Special Education 
     Bachelor in Secondary Education (BSEd) 
     Major : Technology and Livelihood Education 
                 Business Technology 
                 Home Economics Technology 
                 Industrial Technology 
     Bachelor in Secondary Education (BSEd)
    Major:  Mathematics

    Bachelor in Technical Teacher Education (BTTE) 
    Major: Architectural Drafting Technology 
                Automotive Technology
                Electrical Technology
                Electronics Technology
                Food Service Management Technology
                Garments and Fashion Technology
     Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) with Cebu City Medical Center 
    Processing of application is done at CCMC-CN

    Special Programs (with on-line program) 
               In coordination with the College of Graduate Studies
     Doctor in Development Education (Ed.D.) 
     Major : Special Education (SPED) 
     Master in Education (M.Ed)
      Major: Special Education (M.Ed. SPED)
               Early Childhood Education (M.Ed. ECE)
     Diploma/Certificate in Professional Education (DPE/CPE) 
     Diploma/Certificate in Special Education (DSPED/CSPED) 
     Diploma/Certificate in Early Childhood Education (DECE/CECE)
     Diploma/Certificate in Sign Language 
     Diploma/Certificate in Teaching 
               Science Education 
               Social Science 
     Certificate of Technology (students with Hearing Impaired)
     Certificate of Industrial Technology for PWD
     Short Term Training / Courses in Dressmaking and Tailoring 
     Short Term Training / Courses in Computer Education 
           * For Special Programs, please inquire at the Office of the College of Education


    Bachelor of Science in Graphics and Design (BSGD)n Hospitality Management (BSHM)
    Bachelor of Science in Information and Communications Technology (BSICT)
    Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics (BSMx)
    Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT)
        Major :
                    1. Automotive Technology
                    2. Civil Technology
                    3. Computer Technology
                    4. Drafting Technology
                    5. Electrical Technology
                    6. Electronics Technology
                    7. Foundry Technology
                    8. Furniture and Cabinet Making
                    9. Garment Trades
                    10. Machine Shop Technology
                    11. Food Preparation and Services Technology
                    12. Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Technology
                    13. Welding and Fabrication Technology
    Associate in Electrical Engineering
    Associate in Mechanical Engineering
    Associate in Industrial Technology
    Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Services Technology
    Special Education (SPED)
    Competency-based Vocational Education (CBVE)
Evening Opportunity Trade Classes
    1. Advanced Consumer Electronics
    2. Automotive Mechanics
    3. Bench Work
    4. Building Wiring
    5. Computer Literacy
    6. Computer Technician
    7. Culinary Arts
    8. Dressmaking
    9. FCM Finish Carpentry
    10. Lathe work
    11. Milling and Grinding Work
    12. Motor Rewinding and Controlling
    13. Power Plant and Heavy Equipment Mechanic
    14. Radio Mechanics
    15. Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
    16. Technical Drafting
    17. Transformer Designer and Rewinding
    18. Welding