Official website is new pres’ legacy

CTU  top management   launched  the  Official Website  on Wednesday, April 20th, at  the Roco Hall.

UntitledDr. Rosein A. Ancheta   Jr., university  president (who took office in 2015), together with Dr. Ledesma R.  Layon, vice president for administration and finance and Dr. Victor D. Villaganas, vice president for academic affairs and linkages, performed the traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The   university has finally etched   web presence as nine satellite campuses are now interconnected   via Internet Interconnectivity Project   worth   12 million pesos  as stipulated in the BOR Resolution No.16, series of 2015.

Strength-in-numbers Policy

Channeling some 37,000 students   of  CTU system   to one web portal makes the university on a   par  with  other institutions competing for  web presence in today’s  technologically advanced  climate.

Dr. Ancheta   anticipates   cooperation from administrators of non-official sites representing CTU that have already existed for years as this could lead to a more unified system whereby policies and other matters   are   carefully and officially disseminated.

Shutting down of such online networks   is   a concern raised by the president to be immediately acted upon by the University Publication director .

Efforts Paid Off

Members of the publication team from different campuses   received   certificates    in  honor  of  their commitment to the project evidenced by  their participation  in a series of meetings since February this year.

Campus directors present  from Cebu City, Carmen, Daanbaantayan, Argao, Tuburan, and Malabuyoc (Extension)   witnessed  what   their designated personnel have come up with   to provide satellite campuses avenues for showcasing the accomplishments  that benefit the respective communities .

Upholding Thrust

Dr. Victor D. Villaganas also shared his sentiment on the   essence of connectivity across the system as this could  preserve  the bulk of information that precisely dictates  the academics in their research undertakings, being one of the thrusts of the university.

With Dr. Ancheta’s   vision to bring CTU to the fore of globalization, the Office of Computer, Information and Communication Technology and  the University Publication Office collaborate to restore the determination to become a major part  in today’s digital world . (UPO)