UPO on data backlash, to prim system

For years nothing has served as CTU’s primary depot of information on its fourfold function. Mushrooming of these sites that reflect CTU’s views, that is, the perspectives of the stakeholders, has become a consequence of the lack of  proper channel that directs every member  to the official site which serves as the one-stop avenue for information seekers all across the globe. The supposed “internet additive” , had these pieces of information been gathered in the previous years,   would have given CTU not just a name but “presence” in today’s information highway.

Urgency may have attracted the present administration to address the major concern as   government transactions have also demanded the same level of efficiency   for client’s optimum satisfaction. Gearing up for the massive change eludes visionaries in the university headed by the president   such that he believes it is high time to make it official— the university’s WEBSITE.

The coalition of writers from different campuses   speeds up the initiative to blur the circumstance previously cited. Not only are these people determined to write articles to speak of the university’s accomplishments but also to   discriminate   obstacles along.

One of the major tasks is to get through the writing habit. Love for writing must first be honed to sustain the stories needed in the weekly updating of entries in the official sites. Hence, through Dr. Roselyn T. Bustos, University Publication Director, a seminar-workshop on writing was conducted to refresh writers on the craft and craftsmanship needed   to be shown.

Talents were tapped from Higher Education Institutions   in Cebu to take part in the unveiling of new trends for writers. They are one of   those   battle-tested entities   who in many   ways have exclusively felt the demands   of their expertise.   Reception from CTU writers yielded great results reflective of the inspiration to start the  uploading of articles for the website. Launching of the official site is much needed which necessitates gathering of stories that should be taken as seriously as possible.

Publication Chairs take a break with Sun.Star Daily’s Marian Gladys Baring(5th from left) , speaker on Sports Writing during the Seminar-Workshop on Journalism in February this year.

For months the conventions have taken their tolls on the members who need  to travel from their areas to the main campus just to fulfill the responsibility mandated by the president himself who sees things always coming back to benefit the university.

The Publication Team [CTU-Danao] makes necessary changes on the homepage of the campus’ official site as per directives disseminated in the 3-day Website-Development Workshop.

Alongside publication of articles is the empowerment of MIS workforce to provide a workable and efficient environment in the net. Prof. Johaness   Camasura, University IT Director, has earned the   cooperation of the MIS coordinators, Graphics and Design personnel and others   across the system as the Interconnectivity Project   has proved  useful by far since its installation.Come Wednesday, just after weeks of devotion to the project , everyone involved is pushed  at the edge of his seat as the official site per campus will be launched so that the appropriate “avenue” becomes the “only source” of quality, CTU information.   (EIC/UPO)