VP on ‘manual’ business

Dr. Ledesma R. Layon, Vice President for Administration and Finance
Dr. Ledesma R. Layon, Vice President for Administration and Finance

Vice President Dr. Ledesma   R. Layon copes with the government mandate to support the quest for transparency and accountability at a unified governance of the SUCs through revision and formulation of university standards.

Faculty Merit System, Guidelines for Lateral Entry Position, Faculty Manual and Strategic Performance Management System are some of the major   documents looked into recently. The documents have   passed through   the scrutiny of   the Form and Style Committee before submission to the higher office.

“It’s some sort of an updating   of the   then   CSAT 1988 edition of the Faculty Merit System,” Dr. Layon said.

“As for Guidelines on Lateral Entry Position… that was the first time   it was formulated with respect to the Civil Service Commission template.  It is   designed to accommodate faculty members of colleges and universities, who wish to come to the Cebu Technological University,” she added.

Qualifications, screening process, appointment   and other necessary items are contained in the document.  “It is now submitted to the office of the university president in preparation   for the   BOR   meeting on  May 11th at the nation’s capital.

As for   the Faculty manual, the content was finalized on April 25th and 26th in CTU-San Francisco. It will be submitted to the committee on form and style for finalization. “A   memorandum has been issued by the president through Dr. Layon   for the   committee   to convene on May 30th   and 31st   at the Main Campus for its suggestions (on structure) toward   publication and implementation.

Members of the   said   committee are   Dr. Layon, Dr. Edwin A. Pilapil (CTU-Main), Dr. Pedrito C. Pontillas (CTU-Tuburan), Dr. Pet Roey  Pascual (CTU-Barili), Dr. Grace B. Gimena (CTU-Moalboal), Dr. Ma. Cristilina M. Montañez (CTU-Argao) , Dr. Rhodora G. Magan (CTU-Main),  Dr. Doris O. Gascon (CTU-Main), Dr. Roselyn T. Bustos(CTU-Main),  Dr. Zarmie Lis R. Briones (CTU-Tuburan) and Dr. Ruben M. Ungui (CTU-Daanbantayan).

Coordinating (since last year) with Dr.Layon is the Human Resource Management   Office.