JICA taps CTU for Monozukuri


(from left) Dr. Virgilio Abellana (USJ-R College of Engineering, Dean,); Dr. Victor D. Villaganas (CTU Vice President for Academics); Dr. Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. (CTU President); Fr. Cristopher Maspara, OAR (USJ-R President); Fr. Dionisio Miranda, SVD (USC President); and Dr. Ronald Galindo (USC Mechanical Engineering Dep’t Chairman)






Under the framework of  Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Saitama-Cebu Comprehensive Human Resource Monozukuri Project   has now included   Cebu Technological University(CTU)  and University of San Carlos (USC).

With respect to JICA’s   paradigm to have more partners aside from   the University of San Jose -Recoletos (USJ-R),  being the first institution in Cebu   to link with Saitama Prefecture , CTU and USC  students and faculty have now become part of this endeavor.

The project    capitalizes on the    engagement of   students in learning Japanese   trends especially in manufacturing. Monozukuri is a Japanese principle  that centers on excellent  production to reach the market’s optimum satisfaction.

Substantial knowledge   on Japan’s culture is eyed for    human development on the part of those directly involved.

CTU President Dr. Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. , along with  USJ-R President Rev.  Cristopher   Maspara and USC President Rev. Dionisio Miranda,   signed the agreement on   March 28, 2016.

Through   the Provincial Government of Cebu,   the JICA-USJ-R   collaboration began in 2013.

After the first phase had produced its   graduates, JICA decided to   extend the program which served as the second phase. Third phase considers a three-week   training of qualified students from the schools mentioned.

CTU as one of the state universities in the country   is   considered an important entity to factor into boosting the economy.

Other HEIs supporting the program   include   Toyo University, Saitama University, Shibaura Institute of Technology and Nippon Institute of Technology. (Text by UPO; photo by Yoland Yap)