PASUC convenes for internationalization

Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) convened on its 49th year for the   2016 Midterm General Assembly on June 27 to 29 to discuss plans for internalization.

Paving the Path towards Internalization of State Universities and Colleges is this year’s theme, as primarily discussed   by   PASUC President Dr. Ricardo E. Rotoras   during his talk on   redefining the role of state universities and colleges in the Philippines.

CHED Commissioner Hon. Ruperto S. Sangalang elaborated on   SUC leveling as a positive step towards internalization. Hence the agency   presented the Proposed Revision of NBC 461   Framework to heed the call of competitive international leverage.

International communities   also   extended   their help in streamlining the country’s aim for  internalization.

University of Glasglow’s Prof. Michele Schweisfurth  shared findings on Philippines’ educational experiences, institutions and networks   while California State Polytechnic University’s  Emeritus Professor touched on restructuring public higher education as the new framework for 21st century research, teaching and learning.

Bicol University President   also encouraged participants to ponder on the implications of changing or not the academic calendar to SUC’s quest for internalization.

ASEAN trends   and practices   as well as PASUC partnership programs with Singapore Polytechnic International were also considered in the assembly.

As an annual gathering , academics from all over Philippines take part in the major discussions geared toward improving the quality of  education. Cebu Technological University, being one the country’s leading SUCs,  has managed to  send the  biggest delegation  since last year .   (UPO)