EE Champs get double treat at EVSU

BSEE Team with Daryl Arizo (fourth from left) and Engr. Helen Andolero (far right) take pride in their championship.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) Team  was the champion at the 30th IIEE Regional Quiz Show and 2nd runner up at the 16th IIEE Regional Math Wizard.

Daryl D. Arizo  was the team captain in both categories of the 12th Regional Conference in Eastern Visayas State University-Main in Tacloban City on September 15 through 17. Along with him were John Lerry L. David, Marvin Amaro, Ray Joseph E. Balongoy, and Kenrick C. Piamonte. All are  5th year BSEE students.  For the Math Wizard Category, Mark Rene M. Trapila and Renante Q. Quezon joined Amaro, David and Arizo.

Engr. Helene V. Andolero, a faculty member of the College of Engineering,   made the team ready in two weeks before setting for Tacloban. She ensured that despite the hectic schedule of the students they could still  find time to prepare.

Arizo spoke about how important the win was to him and what exactly  was the plan that made them victorious.

“I feel very happy. It’s my first time to win being the team captain. As a quizzer, I am dependent upon my team. I trust my team. We also spend every free time we got for this. Most importantly, Ma’am Andolero always challenges  us to be the champion.”


Arizo also  recalled, in an interview with UPO, on  how wonderful it was to have questions that were already taken up in class.

“During the championship round, we’re up by two against University of Cebu-Lapulapu-Manadaue (UC-LM), and it made us so nervous. But we still made it. The questions are part of the lessons at present. We also borrowed books from review centers.”

David, who is with Arizo in different competitions, shared thoughts about the team captain’s attitude toward them.

” Daryl’s decision-making ability is great; he knows who get reserved.”

It was never a simple journey for the quizzers. David mentioned they were tremendously pressured (in the Math Wizard competition ) as they went scoreless in the first round.

David, Arizo , Balongoy and Quezon
from left: Balongoy, David, Quezon and Arizo


“We felt so sad, yet we were still motivated to answer the next few questions. In the second round, we responded correctly to three out of seven questions.  We thought that if we get questions five, six and seven, we are still up and running. We did it, yet the leading scorer was still up by 1. Our being 2nd runner up in the Math Wizard made us more motivated in the main competition which is the regionals. Indeed, our teachers know how to pressure us. They’re good at it.”

The team was awarded 4,000  from the CTU-PTA yesterday along with other winners after the flag retreat.

As they prepare for the nationals, Balongoy honestly revealed that  they will get on with it after their thesis is accomplished. Quezon, the youngest member of the group, thinks that lessons should be taken seriously. Arizo and his team are more determined to take another battle.  “We’ll try our best to take the championship.”  (UPO)

BSEE Team, with some EE club members, goes for the courtesy call with CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. (middle).