Japan awaits more of university’s grads


Gilbert Navidad-Mancia, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT)  major in automotive technology, is scheduled for deployment at Mitsubishi FUSO Trucks and Bus Corporation in Nagoya, Japan this September as part of  CTU-PESO’s enrollment-employment mechanism.

At present, there are twenty-four CTU graduates  trained  on skills and Japan’s language  at Phil-Nippon Technical College (PNTC) in Laguna. PNTC has  already helped over 9,000 graduates in getting a job they deserve  in one of the world’s first-world countries.

CTU-PESO Manager Nona Fe Y. Estolas and  College of Engineering  Associate Dean Dr. Edgar C. Ambos visited  PNTC  to support the CTU graduates in making them more  equipped to take on the responsibilities in their prospective companies.

BS Industrial Technology and BS Mechanical Engineering  graduates have already been working  in Japan through  CTU-PNTC  enrollment-employment  program since 2013.

1. Terana, Michael P. Certificate in Industrial Technology September 3, 2013 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation-Nagoya Factory
2. Villaluz, Horace John O. BSIT-Automotive Technology February 20, 2015 Hitachi Automotive Systems Steering, Co., Ltd.
3. Tuñacao, Keen Vincent C. BSIT August 27, 2015 Hitachi Appliances, Inc.
4. Abasolo, Gil P. BS Mechatronics September 8, 2015 Hitachi Appliances, Inc.
5. Aloyan, Denmark P. BSIT-Machine Shop November 29, 2015 Seiryo-Technica Co., Ltd.
6. Albastro, Ailyngel S. BS Information and Communication and Technology January 14, 2016 Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd.
7. Horserada, Marecris L. BSIT-Computer Technology April 16, 2016 Nissan Motors
8. Garcia, Christopher Aian M. BSIT-Automotive Technology August 4, 2016 Hitachi Ibaraki Technical Service Co., Ltd.
9. Carmeletos, Homer M. BS Mechanical Engineering July 21, 2016 Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Yokohama Works
10. Ursal, Luke Garfred R. BSIT – Electronics August 4, 2016 Hitachi-Johnson Controls Air-Conditioning, Inc.
11. Ybañez, Riegh Vincent S. BS Mechanical Engineering August 4, 2016 Hitachi-Johnson Controls Air-Conditioning, Inc.

CTU President Dr. Rosein A. Ancheta, Jr.  is set to leave for Japan  for some official undertakings along with  meeting  the graduates and their employers.    (Donavelle T. Mantos, CTU-PESO staff )