Professors to share coconut applications in Indonesia

Dr. Quiñones and Dr. Macachor
from left: (behind the table) Dr. Nerissa S. Quiñones and Dr. Corazon P. Macachor

The Institution for Research and Community Services of Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Jawa Timur  invited two of CTU’s experts, Dr. Corazon P. Macachor and Dr. Nerissa S. Quiñones,  to talk about coconut and its applications.

“The world will continue to be interested in enhancing ways to benefit from coconut,” Dr. Macachor said.

Research Month Program will run from October 1 through November 18 in  Indonesia. Part of the activity is an international seminar at IBIS Hotel Surabaya on November 15.

Dr. Ir. Sukendah,  head of Institution for Research and Community Services,  believes that Dr. Macachor and Dr. Quiñones’ could  enrich the participants’ understanding in utilizing coconut. The interest was known  right after Dr. Macachor  informed Sukendah  about the extensive applications of coconut not mentioned in the former’s study.

Being with the research and extension team in CTU for  a couple of years now, Macachor and Quiñones have been able to explore much on the way the resource could become one of the major, potent sources  to strengthen some of governments’ policies on food security.

Dr. Sukendah informed CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. of the invitation  on  Tuesday, September 13.

Moreover, Dr. Macachor hopes that  sharing knowledge to her future audience will be materialized. She was recently conferred the rank, University Professor, while Dr. Quiñones is Professor 5. They have been partners in extending knowledge to communities  under the university’s mandate on production, extension.

Coconut productscoconut products 1

In February, Dr. Macachor and the team  attended the KAANIB Coconut Farmer  Leaders’ Congress organized by Office of the Presidential Assistant for Food Security and Agricultural Modernization  and Philippine Coconut Authority Region VII. (UPO)