CHED Commissioner counts on CTU IGPs

Income Generating Projects (IGPs) collectively stand as Cebu Technological University’s  stronghold for economic development. The viability of such projects to respond to the nation’s growing demand  was addressed by CHED Commissioner Ruperto S. Sangalang in  CTU-Carmen  on Friday, October 7.

CHED Commissioner

Apart from visiting CTU-Carmen,beneficiary of the government  funding to boost production of aquatic resources, he intended to  really talk more on establishing techno-demo and income-generating projects (IGPs) in state universities and colleges (SUCs). He elaborated on the connection of  research and extension   to optimize results.

Accomplishments of other SUCs in the country, particularly Central Luzon State University, were shown for having sustained several projects that directly augment the region’s food security.

Com. Sangalang spoke of successfully establishing techno-demo projects through programs such as: Asset Inventory Management for SUCs (AIMS),National Agricultural and Fisheries Education System(NAFES), and Educated Marginalized Entrepreneur Resource Generation (EMERGE).

In his speech, CTU-IGP personnel received a major boost as he reiterated the country’s thrust of promoting innovations. CTU is one of Cebu province’s major supporters  in engaging the communities through its various projects that include marinated bangus, pickles, squash ships, pastries,  native shoes, boneless spread, peanut bread coffee, hand sanitizer, fertilizer and more. Satellite campuses have been consistently   showcasing  their products  to the clients in the local, national and international arena.

CTU-IGPSquash CrackersCookiesArgaoHablonPeanut TaffyCTU fertilizerBreadnut PolvoronBreadnut CoffeeCTU hand sanitizerHand sanitizerBone Spread


University Professor Corazon P.  Macachor  ensured that Com. Sangalang’s attendance  would address several concerns on  IGP establishment. In fact in her previous correspondence, it was the commissioner himself who chose the topic, “establishing techno-demo IGPs in state universities and colleges.” He believed in the impact of IGPs to the growing demand of resources for the stakeholders.


CTU Personnel

Moreover, he shared his ideas on fermentation with CTU personnel in the afternoon session.  Dr. Gines Pasaje and Dr.  Servando  Bernante, campus directors of CTU-Barili and  CTU-Carmen,  joined Com. Sangalang and CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. in strengthening the university’s goal of  enhancing agro-fishery projects.

CTU IGP Seminar with Commissioner Sangalang

Upon arrival, Com. Sangalang viewed  the exhibits from different campuses.  These have been patented and have contributed to the  university’s massive endeavor in projecting a sustainable well-being of Cebu province and of the nation. (UPO)

CHED Commissioner and CTU-Carmen