UNESCO: There is momentum in shaping a better world

from left: Dharyll Prince Abellana (3rd) and Robinson C. Igot (5th)
from left: Dharyll Prince Abellana (3rd) and Robinson C. Igot (5th)

The United Nations  Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)-Philippines  reminded the youths at the international assembly that “there is  momentum in shaping a better world” Robinson C. Igot Jr. recalled.

Cebu Technological University’s Industrial Engineering Council (CTU-IEC) members, Igot and Dharyll Prince Abellana, and Engr. Maria Elena Aparente, council adviser, joined the 4-day  Youth for UNESCO (Y4U) event with some 200  representatives from accredited national and international organizations on September 20 through 23 at Cebu Normal University (CNU).

The assembly highlighted the organization’s 16 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to be achieved through scientific, technological and engineering approach.

Igot , Abellana and Engr. Aparente witnessed the showcase of  talents to strengthen solidarity among others. The assembly featured plenary talks, breakout sessions, cultural night, heritage tour and academic competitions.

Igot reiterated one of the essential ideas he learned from the conference: “UNESCO aspires to promote youth empowerment and revitalized spirit of volunteerism toward creating  change in communal activities.”

He also believed that IEC’s involvement in the event is consistent with CTU’s aim to sustain excellence in leading students toward impacting change to society.

Moreover, “Championing SDGs through Grassroots Action by, of and for All” is this year’s theme. (UPO)

Robinson Igot, Engr. Aparente and Dharyll Prince Abellana