JICA fulfills promise; CTU trainees learn from top execs in Japan

Immersing in the blend of nature and modernity, trainees from USJR, USC, and CTU have quality time in Tokyo, Japan.

Japan International Cooperative Agency (JICA),in partnership with Saitama Prefectural Government and Cebu City, Philippines, commits to the agreement valid from May 2016 through February 2017.  Students are finally able to train in Japan  through  “Saitama-Cebu Comprehensive HR Monozukuri Project.”

Designed to foster a strong collaboration among institutions, the project  aims  at developing individuals who are expected to advocate for the same principle of  monozukuri or “efficient production.”

Selection of students who  set for Japan on October 24, 2016  was based on  outstanding performance in other areas of training such as the Intensive course A and B, mangrove planting and job shadowing done [in the Philippines].

CTU students who passed the preliminaries and completed the training are Robinson C. Igot Jr, a BSIE student and Jefferson Carreon, a BSEE student. They, along with  ten others, underwent the special training course at Saitama, Japan in order to fully grasp and appreciate the Japanese concept of  productivity.

Monozukuri Trainees
from left: Jefferson Carreon (first) and Robinson C. Igot Jr. (third)

Company tours, shrine visits, courtesy call with the Saitama Prefecture and other activities were included in the itinerary.

For two weeks, trainees and some faculty members were introduced to the ethics of  the Japanese people in the workplace and in the community.

“The balance of industrial development and nature is a depiction of Japan’s  harmonious interaction of discipline and  lifestyle,” Igot said.

Robinson Igot

The opportunity afforded to Igot and Carreon also speaks  of CTU’s  determination to abide by the mandates set to create change in the technological world.

Igot added: “As a practitioner in the field of engineering, I think that it is a powerful factor to  unite with our tools in order to become a more effective and progressive engineer when we are out in the corporate jungle.”

He also  shared how they were able to learn from CEOs in the companies they visited.

The trainees arrived on Sunday, November 6.

The  extension of the program  until  February 2017  has  allowed  JICA  to expand and  cater to  a total of 120 Engineering practitioners as  Cebu Technological University(CTU) – Main Campus and University of San Carlos (USC) join  University of San Jose – Recoletos (USJ-R).

CTU President Dr. Rosein A. Ancheta Jr.,   USJ-R President Rev.  Cristopher   Maspara and USC President Rev. Dionisio Miranda   signed the agreement on   March 28, 2016.  (UPO)