University banks on quality supervision for premier status

Quality supervision is paramount  for  Cebu Technological University (CTU)  to cope with  its vision as a premier, multidisciplinary-technological university.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Victor D. Villaganas  organized the Basic Supervisory Course(BSC) training  to address the purpose. More than one hundred participants from CTU campuses were divided into two batches: from October 25 through 28 and from November 8 through 11.

Basic Supervisory Course

Basic Supervisory Course

Joined in by speakers who are experts in their fields, the event made participants apparently grasp and perceive the common purpose of the CTU administration aiming for  them to be equipped with necessary tools not only as teaching guide but also quality,supervisory attitude.

Basic Supervisory Course Participants

Former CNU Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr.  Porponio B. Lapa  and Dean of St. Catherine College (and Former CHED Acting Regional Director)  Dr. Candelario M. Aytona conveyed that  leadership IS an ability to influence other people in the organization in order to achieve certain objectives.This is true to CTU that aims at producing graduates with progressive leadership and equipping them with appropriate knowledge, skill, and attitude.

Dr. Proponio Lapa
Dr. Proponio Lapa elaborates on key elements toward effective leadership.

University President Dr. Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. is continuously adopting the international standards of quality teaching and supervision particularly on the engineering courses and other instructions that have something to do with whatever supervisory trainings and disciplines it would conduct. “But this must be applied through a democratic way of approach in order to receive a positive feedback from either your subordinates and students as well”, said  CTU-Tuburan Campus Director Dr. Pedrito C. Pontillas.

Dr. Pedrito Pontillas
Dr. Pedrito Pontillas encourages fellow supervisors.

The overwhelming satisfaction  was shown by the  participants  who individually showed support to adopt the principles relevant to  their tasks.

Basic Supervisory Course

Selected topics were elaborated on by corresponding speakers. Dr. Lapa touched on on Quality Supervision Through Effective Leadership; Dr. Aytona had Quality Assurance Through Effective Supervision; Former Regional Director of the Civil Service Commission(CSC) Atty. Ireneo Morales tackled Legal Aspects in Supervision; Former CNU Director for Research Dr. Zosima Panares talked about Circular Program Development Enhancement; and Dr. Carlyn M. Dela Pena of CHED Region VII on Quality Standards in Instruction  and  US Peace Corps Volunteer(CTU Argao) Dr. Kevin Bruce Deitle had Supervising Outcomes-Based Education.

On the one hand, among CTU speakers, Dr. Pontillas  elaborated on  Quality Supervision Through Democratic Leadership;  CTU Vice President for Administration Dr. Ledesma R. Layon  spoke on Perspective in Supervising Colleagues; CTU-Daanbantayan Campus Director Dr.  Levy S. Lepon  talked about Quality Supervision Through Effective Communication; CTU Director for Instruction Dr. Severino R. Romano expounded on  Quality Management System;  and College of Education(Main) Chairman Prof. Ricardo Q. Ybanez   had Normative/Criterion-Based Education and Grading System;

Dr.  Villaganas  pushed for the training  as he sees the need for constant cultivation of skills to be the priority  as CTU is headed to the direction mandated by the government.   VPAA Secretary Dr. Charisma Lumayag,  Acad. Coordinators Prof. Eilish Ritchelle Barcenas and Ms. Mary Anne C. Villaganas and Office Assistant Ms Marjorie C. Ardoña aided the participants   in achieving the purpose.

Dr. Victor D. Villaganas
Dr. Victor D. Villaganas appreciates the collaboration among participants.

The CTU administration believes that the Basic Supervisory Course could lead to the  realization of CTU internationalization programs being  directly associated with how the university has acted upon  its vision, mission and outcomes.(Wen Celen,UPO Contributor)