Monitoring team says interns meet Japanese standards


Placement Team
Dr. Cecilio S. Baga (right)  joins Ponciano H. Mancao Jr., Hitachi Area Supervisor (left) and  Friend Nippon representative in Japan for the monitoring of CTU graduates.


The Placement Team [Cebu Technological University, PhilNippon Technical College  (PNTC)  and Friend Nippon] found CTU graduates   technically competent, highly trainable, and reflective of high quality work ethics during the monitoring in Japan on October 25 through 28, 2016.

Former CTU Vice President for Research and Development  Cecilio S.  Baga, the monitoring in-charge , acted upon the mandate to  strengthen the internationalization policy of CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr.

Dr. Baga visited graduates who have been part of the 3-year technical internship program in Hitachi, Tochigi, and Saitama.

The aim  is to  assess the work ethics of the graduates , acceptability of their skills and competencies, and their  impact to the manufacturing industry as observed by the supervisors.

Prior to the send-off, CTU  graduates  took part in the training offered by the  Japanese Government   through Friend Nippon Cooperative Society  [in Japan] to the graduates of technology courses in  PNTC.

Qualified applicants went  through the CTU Placement Office which sends and monitors them in their workplace.

In Dr. Baga’s interview with one of the trainees,Luke Garfred R. Ursal,  the latter  spoke about  the high level of discipline of the Japanese workers. He is hoping to emulate  the behavior  once he gets back to the country.

Monitoring in Japan
Luke Garfred R. Ursal (center) completes the survey questionnaire provided by the monitoring team.


CTU needs to  solicit feedback from industries  and  employers regarding international mobility of its graduates,  as basis for improvement and alignment of its programs to the internationalization of labor force.

CTU Public Employment and Services Office (PESO) coordinates also with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).  It has, by far,  increased  CTU’s employability rating of graduates and on-the-job-trainees.

The CTU Placement Office has long been a partner  of Phil-Nippon Technical College (PNTC), a private training institution based in the Philippines,  authorized by the Japanese government to link with Friend Nippon, an organization based in Japan which facilitates provision of skilled human resources to the industries in Japan for a period of three (3) years.

One of the challenges they are currently facing is the increasing demand of industries in Japan for skilled manpower. The figure could go as high as  300 trainees per month.

Gil Abasolo, Dr. Baga’s former student who  had his OJT  in Malaysia, was one of those  immediately  accepted  for Japan internship after graduation  because of the said training.

Friend Nippon has  several offices all over Japan  to monitor and facilitate the trainees. Establishing linkage with PNTC means eliminating  the mismatch between the intern’s  technical  skills and the host company’s requirements.

To date, Friend Nippon has  only supplied an average of 30 trainees per month from the country.

As an offshoot of Dr. Baga’s visit, Friend Nippon is hoping for more human resource supply and support from technological universities in the Philippines. (UPO)