Boxing champ sold uppercuts for national title


Uppercuts are not just hard blows on one’s body; they turn tides for triumph.

John Robert Decamotan, 21, combined uppercuts and in-and-out footwork to win Thursday’s final welter weight (69 kilograms) division fight.

SCUAA National Games 2017 judges declared Decamotan winner over Region III’s contender via unanimous decision.

“I was almost knocked out by a solid punch twice,” he said.

But Assistant Coach Marchides F. Flores was positive he would win because he had the height advantage, great body structure, and technique.

Dr. Flores lauded Decamotan’s ability to quickly pull away from the contender’s trap.

She also instilled in him the value of fighting for gold to honor not just  oneself but also the university and the region.

Coach Denis Capuyan shared how he reminded his boxer of the offense-defense mentality. “Always anticipate the opponent’s response,” he added.

It is Decamotan’s final appearance at the nationals. He slightly regretted the idea but was thankful to have fulfilled his family’s dream.

Decamotan thinks of his family as his great motivation. Thus, more determination is needed to pursue an equally compelling goal—earning the degree, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT) major in automotive at CTU Tuburan. (UPO)