Boxing grips knockout prelim victory—a major push

CTU Tuburan, Anthony Aquilla

Though it does not always start well with others, it  did begin with a  knockout  victory in boxing for Region 7.

An agonizing end for the opponent as his body touched the canvass versus the winning hook that caused it made today’s bout  a classic precedence.

CTU Tuburan’s Anthony Aquilla mercilessly sent Region VI representative  down with   his right hook  in the first few seconds of the first round.  Amateur boxing has three rounds for  the entire regulation.

Assistant Coach Dr. Marchides F. Flores spoke of Aquilla’s determination to win. As chairman of P.E., culture and Sports in CTU Tuburan, she recalled how Aquilla was first discovered by a senior athlete.Since then, she has kept him under constant training.

For a majority of CTU athletes (comprising Region 7)  to win tomorrow and in the next few rounds, Aquilla  suggested in his hook  that strength very much needed.

More taste of   triumph   came from volleyball (men) as they went through three nerve-wracking sets.  The coach said it was not easy to topple their first opponent who has the same opportunity   of winning.

Meanwhile, guaranteed top spots came from demonstration matches in Sepak Takraw (women) and football.

Basketball (men and women), sepak takraw (men), baseball, archery (men and women), and volleyball (women)  are some of CTU’s representations that  require straight wins in the next few rounds to keep championship title alive. (UPO)