11th fete: CAS puts up show for change

“Tangible or intangible, what is it that you have done for the university?” College of Arts and Sciences Dean Edwin A. Pilapil said at the opening ceremony of CAS Month on Wednesday, February 1.

It has been eleven years since its foundation. The celebration’s theme: “Era of Change: A Walk through Time and Space” underscores the beauty of exploration in the vastness of space at a distinct moment in history. It is unique and significant in its own right. One captures the bedazzling sentiment of time upon whatever man does to perfect his own concept of change. If one characterizes a thing from another, he’d find himself caught up in Venus’ delightful trap—everything deserves to be praised as splendor becomes commonplace. Time challenges its own craft, and there has never been a test of time that lacks the needed resources for the desirable and undesirable.

The dawning of the new era always happens in different timelines. As for CAS, this change is once again felt this year with more hurdles taken to promote solidarity—faculty, staff and students walk “through time and space”.

Flowing smoothly into the vastness of ethereal space, CAS ponders on the elusive sight of perfection as well as of rejection. Both may well be considered end results, but either could be a sure destination depending on the effort put up. The sad truth explains that anyone becomes an easy prey of rejection for changes march to one’s direction like the ominous sound of thunder drawing a line of silver in the sky. Fear prevails over excitement most of the times as this ray of light disturbs the stillness of the night, but the conqueror stays unperturbed.

BSDevCom students depicted [at the opening] how all these changes in society have influenced CAS. Going down the stage to invite the audience to join their cause, the community-oriented group invited everyone to sing with them while pictures of events in society flashed before the audience—an initial presentation enough to highlight CAS’ intent to zero in on key issues that concern everyone.

Serving other colleges in the university, CAS has gained resilience through time. Ardently, Dr. Pilapil spoke of that need to ‘walk’ and not just ‘drift’ through space. He stressed on the ability everyone must possess to go against the odds no matter how slow the walk could be. His decisive intuition that CAS can build synergy the institution deserves strengthens the cause to turn complex problems into a quagmire.

Towards the end, Bachelor of Science in Technology Management(BSTM) students presented their own networking-sites-inspired memorabilia that depicted memories of the pioneering students of the college. The group also featured the faculty members who have been part of CAS’ tremendous transformation.

The representative of BSTM group elaborates on the parts of their memorabilia that highlights CAS’ history.


Opening the CAS Month with something that titillates the senses makes CAS people true to Austen’s creed: sense and sensibility.

Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis may not be well integrated in the layers of imagination as he terrorizes readers with his use of tarantula in the narrative, but the age of renaissance before Kafka’s era unfolded continues to justify its compelling contribution to the development of time, as one making it entirely spectacular to behold with all its new elements.

A month-long encounter with Zeus’ and Mnemosyne’s muses would mean taking into account Austen’s poignant expression of the soul. This further means that PASUC events such as storytelling, essay writing, extemporaneous speaking, vocal solo, indigenous dance and more will make students busy in the coming days.

CAS invites enthusiasts to take part in the competitions before the culminating program. There needs to be enhancement of the self as one walks through time and space. There must be tangible and intangible tracks that people could see. There must be understanding as students and faculty collaborate during the research congress most especially. Sharing of knowledge is all that makes participants equipped with information— a potent force that overcomes circumstances in the future.

Toward the end, the dean evoked emotions in the audience as he encouraged everyone to promote the ultimate change within oneself. (UPO)

Dr. Edwin A. Pilapil (7th from left), along with the faculty, commends the presentation of the students.