Keeping fingers crossed to make first national record

Where circumstances prevail, dreams   flourish. The path to glory seems elusive for the first time, but as inspiration furthers steps   in unfolding glory and victory nothing becomes   obscure.

Who would have thought that Regie and Richtly Magbologtong of  Cebu Technological University Danao would reach this far. Both are exemplars of unwavering passion. The milers—we call them—hope for the best as they compete in this year’s National SCUAA Games where nation’s best athletes stay in one accord.

The brothers hail from Negros oriental. Invited by their elder brother, they moved to Danao City in 2012. Since then survival has been a real challenge as they have to provide for their own. ‘Sikad’ drivers they have become once realization came through that studying is a real goal in life. A bicycle attached to a steel frame with one wheel on the side to achieve balance, ‘sikad-sikad’, a mode of transportation, moves gradually as one pedals (sikad) his way   through. Working in the morning and studying in the evening have made them tougher individuals until they realized a much deeper connection to the passion they now both enjoy—running.

Regie,24, and Richtly, 21, share the principle of determination instilled upon them by their parents. Getting used to an activity   to prevent oneself from becoming penniless in the future stays strong in their senses. They believe in struggle as key impetus toward achieving their not-so-simple goals.

“Ganahan ko mamilyonaryo,” Regie said when asked about his dream. And Richtly wants to become a pilot. They laugh at the idea, but quite genuinely work hard for it. One can hardly   say they never meant it. The brothers with seven more siblings do not alter the course of their   goals. Their decisiveness is seen in difficult routines every  week to foster development in their career. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays they do the hard sprinting to enhance speed while on Tuesdays and Thursdays they go for the easy routine to sustain endurance. They rest on Saturdays and join  fun runs on Sundays at their own expense.

They want to become inspirations to others who dream like them. “If you really want to win, dili ka magpadala sa tentasyon para dili ka maadto sa lain. Focus sa imong gusto ug pangandoy.”

Regie Magbologtong (4th year, BSIT Automotive) and Richtly Magbologtong, (1st year, BSIT Electronics), never admit impediments to the marriage of their passion and education.

Partly driven by their institution, the brothers shared what drew them nearer to their goal. Regie spoke: Ang CTU naa’y panlantaw sa ila’ng mga estudyante sama sa pagtabang sa mga kabus nga makalampus.

The two brothers keep their fingers crossed for a preliminary win tomorrow, Tuesday. Hopefully, the finals would not be as elusive as it is for the both of them for the first time. They run together in each tournament; they might as well grab the trophy at the same time.  (UPO)