More wins clear path to higher rounds

Tuesday is much easier than yesterday with more wins in lawn tennis (women), boxing, archery and baseball thus clearing obstacles away from the ultimate goal.

CTU Danao wimbledon players are heading to the quarter finals tomorrow for wins in singles and doubles.

Archery (men) players from CTU Main, on the one hand, got sharper arrows to hit gold medal in the 30-meter category.

Becoming underdogs after losing to Region II yesterday, CTU baseball team concocted two more wins that pitched them straight to the semis.

The baseball coach said they were so tired, but they need great preparation for the next matchups.

He quipped: “Players have all fallen asleep in their quarters after the grueling match at Batangas Provincial Complex diamond field.”

Moreover, Pencak Selat athletes brought gold and silver during the separate awarding ceremony early this afternoon.

Coach Queenie J. Sacil of CTU Main thanked Human Kinetics Chair Prof. Rosalinda Racaza for the costume used by the gold winner.

Topping today’s rundown of wins is boxing which prepares the university’s contenders for the final bout.

Coach Dennis Capuyan said he is hoping for a major turnout tomorrow after the official weighing.

Mentors have been very consistent in providing assistance to their athletes to bring honor to the university. (UPO)