Taekwondo bet clashes with ‘axe’

CTU Barili’s Roniel Marc B. Estrada, 18, used ‘axe’ attack to hit opponent’s head in the preliminary round.

Estrada scored more as he hit the middle body four times using the ‘45’ attack.

His height advantage worked well until the bout culminated.

Moving to the quarterfinals this afternoon, Estrada hopes to gain momentum for a sure win.

Coach Patrobinson Salumag expects the same for his athlete given that competition gets tougher in the next level.

Meanwhile, Shiela Mae Gabito, 19, also advances after winning taekwondo ‘fin’ this morning.

Having competed in the nationals for the first time made her feel so nervous.

Coach Nino Jess Tomabiao sees to it that his athlete would never let the fear of fighting keep him from playing the game. (UPO)