On board on EDSA day

Quite a huge lift by Philippine Airlines happened  in five schedules on Saturday, February 25,   as CTU delegation headed home.

A bunch of athletes, faculty, medical team and staff   had a safe trip on Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) Revolution commemoration.

Apart from the  country’s celebration, Cebu Technological University also remembers  how well things worked out for SCUAA National Games 2017.

After takeoff, silence sealed memories. Awaiting on the other side could be anything worth telling at  the clock’s own revolution.

For now the greatest account would be that of the collaboration that had transpired since day one.

SCUAA National Games 2017 gathered from across the country all sports enthusiasts.  It  did not fail to enthuse others who dropped by to watch athletes rise and fall in different events.

Given the honor one gets once  win is secured,  the intense feeling of wanting it more than anything else is not a far cry. However this did not come easy for the players.

Along with them were able men and women in the institution to support their goal of winning. But the idea of losing was needed to prompt another call for motivation.

The freedom to play, the freedom to care for the wounded and injured players, the freedom to serve joyfully in the mess hall, the freedom to write for the players and coaches, the freedom to capture moments,  the freedom to cheer, and the freedom to lead is EDSA’s meaning to the entire delegation.

Nothing could match the way CTU sports coordinators, led by Dr. Nemia F. Zamora, accommodated everyone in the camp—Batangas City South Elementary School (BCSES.)

Lighting up faces to make another push for the next round made a lot of sense as the university promotes true sportsmanship among calibered players in the nation.

On the day CTUnians left for CEBU,  everything in Batangas became EDSA’s banner heralding cooperation and perseverance to continue polishing one’s craft for a better fight in the future.

It is definitely about learning the value of persistence  that kept the pack moving forward. Queen City-bound passengers had experienced   the   twists and turns while fixing gazes upon   gold, silver and bronze humbly seen in native carvings, which make them more positive about having another compelling try.

It may not be time for others to show the best skills that topple masters of the game, but it truly is time to rethink about the lapses to make impressive  improvements.

The premier university maintains top-of-the-line status not by seeing to it that gold medals and trophies are lined up every time; it is by being able to make players realize that more of these failures are on the way.

They never cease to attack the psyche; thus,  mental toughness is sought after a couple of them strike. Maturity is enveloped in one’s determination to overcome obstacles the next time things turn out differently.

Sports never cease to enthrall the soul inasmuch as  People Power Revolution never fails to quench the arid throat of  a free nation.

It is more than enough to think  that one’s defeat results in another’s victory. For as long as peaceful means is sought through camaraderie, it is guaranteed that champions shall await  to either fly or fall. After all champions are made of steel—-wrought in fire and water.

They wait for another opportunity  on, before or after EDSA Revolution commemoration. RM/UPO