Professor speaks of journey to Ethiopia

Gerwine Medio

“Feeling happy and sad at the same time”, said Dr. Medio when asked about his feelings on his journey to Ethiopia.

Dr. Gerwine J. Medio is chosen as one of the CTU Main professors to teach for one year  at the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institute (TVETI).

He spoke of being happy because it’s a new experience. Teaching foreign people, learning new things, and bringing honor to the  university are some of those he noted about his new endeavor aside from feeling sad since he is leaving his family.

He will be imparting knowledge on construction civil technology in the master’s program.

His specialization is on Building Information Modeling (BIM) which sits at the interface of visualization and automation in construction. He is also interested in formalizing tacit building designs and advanced knowledge on construction.

Primarily, he considers his trip to Ethiopia as one giving him concrete understanding on how expert designers make decisions and … ultimately automate, and design coordinate processes.

Dr. Medio mainly teaches construction management concepts such as estimating, scheduling and 4D CAD in the  College of Technology (COT).

“Teaching in Ethiopia will open your eyes to Ethiopia’s diverse cultures. The impact you have on the lives of the students is long-lasting, and you will be part of a much wider international avenue for learning … .”

Other  COT professors joining the teaching stint  in  TVETI  are Dr. Paterno C. Fernandez, Dr. Pedro Y. Quemada, Dr. Eric Pardiñan, Dr. Paul K. Zabala, and Dr. Mario P. Rebucas Jr.

They will be leaving on March 25 and is expected to return after a year.

GBMLT Manpower Services, Inc. facilitates applicants  in processing their documents. The Ethiopian government has also maintained the security of the application of the professors  who are to make contributions to the country’s education.

Dr. Medio  never failed to give his advice to his students who  learned of his trip. ” I want them  to pursue a career they are passionate about.”  UPO Staff, Kezia Mae Laureno