Decapitating potential risk: Cebu leads nationwide disaster preparedness

Is Cebu ready to take on a massive quaver?

Based on what participants showed during the first nationwide drill, a resolute ‘yes’ is audible enough.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) held the first Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED) at the Cebu Provincial Capitol on Friday, March 31.

With students from Cebu’s premier institutions and agencies, awareness on disaster preparedness was very well echoed throughout the island being identified as prone to hazards such as earthquakes.

The exercise was to train the community on the possible actions if a massive quaver will happen.

Cebu Technological University (CTU) National Service Training Program Director Dr. Asuncion B. Monsanto, who also acted as evaluator during the drill, was very pleased that among colleges and universities in Cebu, CTU was chosen to demonstrate in the event.

CTU Quick Response Team (QRT) performed its role during the rescue operation, and some 30 selected students from the university served as victims.

Among the scenarios enacted were high angle rescue, vehicle extraction and air evacuation, collapsed structure rescue, fire suppression, and other medical emergencies.

CTU volunteers

Medical aid was also being demonstrated and distributed by the rescue teams to the victims, as the search for survivors went on.

QRT had proven its preparedness and rapid response  in case a major tremor would hit the province like the ones in Bohol and Negros.

With potential risk to rule out safety among people any time, disaster preparedness can help people gain advantage in knowing what to do, providing cushion to oneself for survival.

The drill was witnessed by Provincial Board Member Miguel Antonio B. Magpale and Executive Assistant to the Governor Atty. Ramil Abing.

“Gibuhat ni natu dili ingun panghadluk but to create awareness to all Cebuanos nga kinahanglan g’yud ta mangandam (We’re doing this not to instill fear but to promote awareness among Cebuanos on disaster preparedness),”said Hon. Magpale.

The province opted for the theme:“Linug Pangandaman Ta, sa Panaghiusa Kita’ng Tanan Mamaluwas.” (Kezia Mae Laureno, UPO contributor)