Study springing innovation-extension trend gets Golden Award

Dr. Renissa S. Quinones’ study, “Innovation, Extension and Commercialization of Calcium – Enriched Gluten-Free Flour Blends Initiatives” received the Golden Award on Friday, April 7, during the 3rd National Multi-Sectoral Extension Services Convention.

The paper was coauthored by CTU Vice President for Publication Extension and Business Affairs (PEBA) Edgar U. Tibay, University Director for Technological Center Corazon P. Macachor  and the recipient’s husband, Dr. Hubert G. Quinones.

As one of the university researchers, she has nurtured Cebu Technological University’s goal of expanding the network of innovation   toward community development.

The award on extension services implementation/management (agriculture and fisheries category) received at the  University of Northern Philippines (UNP) signifies Dr. Quiñones’ heart for learning new things as key motivator.

Her felicitations extended to her CTU family who brought in massive support. She never forgot to mention also the Almighty Father for the wonderful opportunity.

For her and the rest of the CTU researchers, the idea of extension is equated to more opportunities to survive in the present and centuries hence.

Dr. Quiñones is a  faculty member of the College of Education and the university director for production. Kezia Mae Laureno/UPO Contributor