ALE 2nd placer reveals next big thing

Cumad (C) shares thoughts to Dr. Zarmie Briones (R) after hearing news of success in the Agriculture Licensure Examination.
Julian O. Cumad (C) receives warm welcome from Dr. Zarmie Briones (R) and the College of Agriculture (COA) dean after hearing news of success in the Agriculturist Licensure Examination (ALE) in October last year.

What seems to be the apex for some people to top any licensure examination may simply appear to be the bottom of that towering goal for CTU Tuburan’s Agriculturist Licensure Examination (ALE) 2nd placer, Julian Ouano Cumad, who revealed  the next big thing in his career.

Sitting down with Dr. Zarmie Liz Briones,one of Tuburan Campus’ professors, Cumad shared  thoughts after the unprecedented feat in his life. Most importantly his note on wanting to have a scholarship for a master’s degree set the tone for his future.

“I hope to qualify for DOST scholarship…and if given another chance, I would pursue Ph.D. (to be vertically articulated),” he said candidly. Endowed with abundant natural landscape, Philippines is counting on experts whom Cumad is trying to emulate to ensure the country’s food security through innovations in agriculture.

With the honor that befell him, it is without doubt that he is the source of inspiration to those whom he called “undecided.”  “I can give…motivation to those who are … still undecided…those who are confused about what agriculture really is… .If people see me qualify for the DOST scholarship, it will serve as their motivation to also pursue [agriculture].”

Cumad recalled how he, at some point, became very reactive instead of proactive. He realized that it was never the way to go as reacting would always lead to negative outcomes, so he had to reset. The result made his family happy. “They never expected (but I actually assumed) that I can achieve [it],” he quipped.

Among the seven, he was the only one to ever proceed to college, marking the fulfillment to have at least one in the family to bear pride. It was an uphill battle for him that ended in a fruitful surrender to success.

To the aspirants he uttered: “You can do it … If you fail one time, just say better luck next time… .” His achievement was no different to everyone else’s in terms of how it came to be. Glitches had to be around somewhere to learn from them. On a personal note he believes that when one commits mistakes, they remind him not to try to fail again.

Cumad’s journey is far from conclusion. It is yet to be defined with so many of his considerations along the way. But the greatest legacy he shared thus far to those who know him is persistence. At present, it is what he needs to continue the climb. UPO

CTU Tuburan Campus Director Pedrito Pontillas lauds Cumad's achievement that would surely put the campus in the map.
CTU Tuburan Campus Director Pedrito Pontillas lauds Cumad’s achievement that would surely put the campus in the map.