Basking in Northern Hospitality

A European-like  vacation and budget holiday don’t always figure in the same sentence. But there’s always a way to getting it—even more than what is expected. Oozing with aplomb as it stretches forth its arms on both sides, where rooms line up, the Centrum Facility speaks and relates to anyone seeking for that quality. Like any deity in Olympus, it sits mightily on top of a hill, reverberating je ne sais quoi to anyone who approaches. Much to the chagrin of the Olympian deity, CTU Danao’s Centrum Facility (Hometel) is no place for immortals.                                        Facility Centrum-Danao

Facility Centrum-Danao

At the foot of the hill, one discovers the way up to something yet unseen. At the back of the mind the idea of a solitary edifice would soon show up after a couple of trudges, if one prefers to ascend by foot. Finally the long, horizontal edge unravels itself—the building’s top comes with silver lining made by the sun’s strong rays from behind.

The warm breeze props the sun that gradually shows up itself in the morning, climbing upwards to meet the sky at the horizon. This picturesque backdrop of Danao Campus’ Centrum creates the building’s fascinating ardor—providing excitement to those who love the blend of art and nature. The picture emboldens the melody that resonates in one’s heart, made complete with the view of the pristine sea through the windows. From afar Camotes Island appears seductively lying beneath the sky.

Impeccably nestled in one of Cebu’s safest cities, the Centrum Facility can be considered as one of Danao Campus’ extraordinary properties. Everyone from the public and private sectors are welcome to experience its ambiance, surely  melting one’s day to a holiday mood. Like no other it seems once one invades the rooftop to witness the romance of the sea and sky meeting at a distance. The tropical feel is much more intensified  by the brazen heat weakened by the soft wind.

Facility Centrum-Danao

Lots of people have already tried the warmest accommodation it has to offer, not to mention the Danaoanon taste in most of its cuisines prepared by the resident chef. The balance of rough countryside and fine “gun city” life would make itself known in every motion of the spoon to the mouth, creating that unique explosion of flavors as the food reaches the palate.

More to the gastronomic adventure, guests may also enjoy with some of the fitness equipment if taking a few strides to the grandstand is a bit tedious. But nothing beats a quick trip to the oval where a couple of rounds would seem to rejuvenate the body.

Facility Centrum-Danao
Wellness Center

No wonder one of the university’s executives suggested that the University Publication Office, in its effort to make the team more productive this year, may consider the facility as the venue for its three-day seminar-workshop. He very well knew what the feeling would be like once already there for a retreat.

Generally, the homey atmosphere conquered all. For instance, if one decides to go outside to sit under the trees by the path to the Centrum’s right, the feeling of being lulled to sleep is inescapable. Safety is what it brings along. Chirping birds add up to the easy, breezy climate that would make it to the list of anyone trying to avoid the buzz and chaos of the metropolis.

Facility Centrum-Danao
Right Wing

One cannot turn a blind eye to stress as today’s generation may have suffered much from it. So it’s high time to unwind, succumbing to the Mediterranean-feel in Danao Campus’ Hometel while getting past the day’s hustles and learning at the same time the values discussed by renowned speakers.

As it turned out for many of us, the experience was one of a kind. Even so with Dr. Socorro Bohol, former university president, who gladly gave in to the request of sharing her expertise. However, it was quite too short of a duration for a team building; nevertheless, the moments snapped were ample testaments of how the northern hospitality could be comparable to that of a world-class service in the industry.

This suggests equality—-clients have to be treated the way satisfaction is envisioned by the provider. Production and Business Affairs Chair Roel Vasquez of CTU Danao shared to us the vision of gratification on the day we arrived until the day we left. He performed to the best of his ability, making sure that each day would be a marvelous stay for all of us. His “northerner” spirit abides by the unwritten law that many of us in the north (as I am from there), if not all, uphold on a daily basis. The sense of pride in serving others is seen as a north star that never fades. One cannot get away with the passion of showing guests genuine effort.

Dr. Rosemary L. Almacen and Engr. Roel Vasquez welcome the participants to the 2017 University Publication Team Building.
Dr. Rosemary L. Almacen and Engr. Roel Vasquez welcome the participants to the 2017 University Publication Team Building.

Having the eye for beauty, Campus Director Rose Mary Almacen herself provided much support to the campus’ income-generating project (IGP). She sees to it that the modest but classy setup of the facility is in keeping with the world’s standards. The minimalist approach perfectly demonstrates the northerner’s appreciation for “zen” at home; hence, from simple patterns on draperies to mundane yet attractive digital images and paintings in a few sections in the interior, any guest would surely feel the tranquil space surrounding him.

Facility Centrum

Facility Centrum-Danao

Facility Centrum-Danao
Reception Lounge
Facility Centrum-Danao
Buffet Area

Energy continued to radiate from her personality especially when she graced the team building’s opening ceremony. She ushered the participants from among the university’s 20 campuses to one of the best places in her campus. Her appearance, as well as the university president’s, displayed understanding in the publication team’s direction forward.

The need for evaluation of the personnel’s commitment to the university is needful to know where the institution stands. The impact it has on the world largely depends on the level of synergy there is in the organization. President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. communicates the gesture of togetherness in that the publication office is the “mirror” of CTU. People should know more about the university and its thrusts, and the personnel should see in the looking glass how much has been done for the benefit of all.

Participants from around the CTU Sytem ready to head home after a fruitful 2017 Team Building.
2017 CTU Publication Team Building participants

Given the crucial role of team building, it is but proper to give the mind the best venue, the unadulterated, essentially needed for introspection leading to ironing out concerns for members to work efficiently and effectively.

To say that the Centrum’s accommodation is like any other’s is an understatement—-to those who were so mindful about it with its tiny little things, the facility breeds all elements turning immortals envious. rm/UPO