HU Design Competition: GD student makes debut trip abroad

Glomark, CTU, BSGD“It’s never in my mind to be in Korea a few days from now,” Glomark Pahignalo,18, shared his excitement but kept his cool during UPO’s interview on Thursday evening.

A humble and striving artist, Pahignalo had shown determination after Korea trip was announced to many of them. Complying with requirements per BSGD Professor Romeo Montecillo’s directive, he appeared more than willing to take on the challenge of representing the university, showing his talent in Hanbat University’s (HU) 2017 Design Competition. He never really thought so much about the days he would be missing with his family and friends in the country, as he needs to stay in Korea  from June 25 through July 21. Details about the trip were not spilled, but he is quite certain about the classes that would take place to hone participants’ skill in designing before going through the match.

Going abroad at the onset of the academic year is something the graphics and design student never anticipated at all. It would make him escape early stages of mental stress once classes start on July 3, but it would lead him to, probably, even more challenging, brand-new experience.

Forgoing the on-the-job training for days is another concern since he has yet to convince the company in Mandaue to consider his case. Refusal from the management would probably cost him an extraordinary journey in life at his young age.

The invitation was made last year when College of Technology (Main Campus) faculty members went to Hanbat University for benchmarking. Koreans, Americans, Chinese and Filipinos are expected to compete in the event. COT professors earmarked the offer for cultural embrace at the same time, which stimulates interest among students to further the goals of plurality in a different context.

A senior layout artist in the Main Campus’ school paper, the Nation Builder, he believes he has acquainted himself with some of the country’s deterrents to progress. This experience alone would make for an inspiration as he goes out to prove his prior knowledge.Quite often, his assignment has brought him a remarkable chance to express his identity through colors and images—-creating ambivalent tones and textures of emotions. A whole lot more of mixing and matching of these design elements reside in his hands. Capable of withstanding pressure, Glomark  wil get to taste for himself the simple yet sophisticated  shape of sensibility through design.

“I am planning to document my entire trip,” he candidly revealed. Attuned to the natural order of life, he shared how he could not miss a thing unseized by the click of the camera. Prof. Montecillo, Glomark’s chaperone, will have the firsthand information on whatever the university’s representative is about to accomplish this year.

When asked about his plans he smiled and uttered: “I want to visit India because of Bollywood. But in terms of enhancing my craftsmanship I’d go for the West.” Korea for others may be a hub for technology-driven people, but he sees countries in the west as those having more of the capabilities to train people to be excellent at what they do. He continued to say that his imminent trip to Korea is a decided  plus in his portfolio. UPO