Deepening internationalization efforts at global leaders forum

Dr. Januario L. Flores Jr.(L), establishes partnership with ECCI University of Columbia.
Dr. Januario L. Flores Jr.(L) establishes partnership with ECCI University.

For anyone who represents the university at the crossroads where leaders see for themselves the benefits to be brought home, the job is seen as more of a fulfillment than just a mere obligation.

Cebu Technological University campus director Januario L. Flores Jr. had his fruitful trip after memoranda of understanding were signed  at the 5th World Education Leaders Forum (WELF) in Korea.

Dr. Flores signed MOUs with International Youth Fellowship (IYF), Universidad Escuela Colombiana de Carreras Industriales (ECCI), Jean Lorougnon Guédé University, Mpu Tantular University, and Davao Central College.

The forum was intensified by its goal of making the mind healthy in dealing with all sorts of circumstances, making collaborations among institutions especially meaningful through optimism.

It was also addressed at the  7th Minister of Youth World Forum (MYWF) held alongside the WELF.

IYF hosted both to reiterate the need for  character excellence among leaders in creating a better environment for learning.

Revitalizing the minds for better workmanship encourages participants to understand most significantly the process of contributing positively to some of the world’s concerns.

Delegates from Philippines and Indonesia come up with means to overcome obstacles in respective countries.
Delegates from Philippines and Indonesia come up with means to overcome obstacles in respective countries.

World leaders learned from prominent speakers on “Character Education: Raising Integrated Leaders Apt for the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

The MYWF has imparted ideals to participants since  2011. 60 university leaders from 25 different countries attended the forum this year to look into the vital role of character education in universities.

IYF’s extensive research on  the ‘World of the Heart’ shows how educators are motivated to innovate based on the knowledge they have gained.

CTU is heading to ASEAN’s direction which allows integration of practices and values from different institutions across the globe. More importantly, it is integration that highlights on the impact of proper character. UPO