Sen. Loren Legarda supports hablon

After her talk, Sen. Loren Legarda announced CTU as one of those that she supports in promoting the country's identity through hablon products.
Sen. Loren Legarda announces (after her speech) that CTU, led by Dr. Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. (R), is one of those SUCs she is supporting  in promoting the country’s identity through indigenous products like hablon.

Senator Loren Legarda gave a quick “Yes, CTU will be given the fund”, at the 2017 Phil. Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) General Assembly in Manila after CTU Extension Director Jorelyn Conception successfully had the senator listen to her promotion of the university’s hablon.

It is the main extension project of the southern campus of CTU in Argao. The term both refers to the process of handloom weaving (also known in the north as “habol”) and the product.

Brushing elbows with other extension directors from state universities and colleges (SUCs) all over the country last week  in celebration of PASUC’s 50th year, Dr. Conception rushed to the spot downstage where Sen. Legarda was shaking hands with PASUC dignitaries. Her move to lobby the university’s weaving project was as smooth and quick as the senator’s  descent from the podium after addressing the crowd.

In a moment she was found talking with the senator who then inspected the hablon owned by Dr. Conception’s colleague present at the venue.

Known for her being straightforward, Legarda quickly suggested some unique designs that should reflect the indigenous cultures of the Philippines rather than a common floral design on the elegant, black cloth.

“I want designs that are indigenous,” said Sen. Legarda. Pushing CTU to adopt her policy is never a problem. Dr. Conception readily accepted the advice with her nod as consistency in the senator’s call for a unique, native design can be seen in the latter’s outfit, which stood out when she informed the crowd of it at the onset of her speech.

CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. and CTU Argao Campus Director Juanita Pinote were happy to have the senator notice the institution’s effort in enriching the southern Cebu culture.

Moreover, Sen. Legarda opened the idea to plant cotton to facilitate the whole cotton production apart from her invitation to have CTU’s products at the upcoming National Crafts Fare sponsored by the Philippine Fiber industry Development Authority (PhilFIDA).  rm/UPO

Sen. Loren Legarda (C) scrutinizes the hablon design on Dr. Jorelyn Conception's (L) sample from a friend. Sen. Loren Legarda (C) looks into the floral hablon design on Dr. Jorelyn Conception's (L) sample. CTU Argao Campus Director Junaita Pinote (behind Dr. Conception) shows excitement as her campus' project is given attention by one of the country's major advocates of industries that empower communities for sustainability.
Sen. Loren Legarda (C) scrutinizes the hablon design on Dr. Jorelyn Conception’s (L) sample from a friend. Dr. Juanita Pinote (behind Dr. Conception) and Dr. Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. await the senator’s  statement on the material inspected.