Design camp brings world artists closer

Glomark Pahignalo (5th from left) is all ears in one of his classes at Hanbat National University (HBNU) Design Camp.

The international camp for Graphics and Design student Glomark Pahignalo was more than learning new methods and techniques in designing—it was cultural embrace of Korea’s artistry through Hanbat National University’s strategy of promoting global link.

The month-long hosting of international artists in July marked the organizer’s consistent approach toward promoting innovation from its own culture to the world. Generally, the camp’s direction was communicating sensual minimalism.

Renowned professors and CEOs introduced calligraphy, design thinking, illustration, design branding, digital imaging and design, and design drawing.

Pahignalo in his narrative report mentioned that classes with company executives “were a bit rough.” But he somehow managed to overcome them as collaborations were highly encouraged thus making oneself more confident in accomplishing tasks.

“I learnt the basic brush strokes from Lee Sangmin. The lesson introduced us to the evolution of Korean calligraphy… .”

The program gave participants a boost in trying to make a brand new perspective in designing that would surely take center stage in the coming years. This was coupled with routines such as field trips to make them much closer to nature and the real environment where they could hinge their ideas on.

“Prof. Moon’s class is one of my favorite—she shared ways to recover from creative block… . Without sticking to the project goal, everyone in the group should start to branch out words that correlate to the keyword until you group words that make sense together.” 

UPO’s talk with Pahignalo’s mentor Prof. Romeo Montecillo resulted in an objective assessment about how the Cebu Technological University is able to make students enrich their talents, skills and capabilities through a wide range of courses required in today’s generation.

He further cited the benefit of being able to personally witness HBNU’s learning environment as it could very well impact the development of CTU’s College of Technology, which has been a major player in producing the globe’s workforce year by year.

The Department of Visual Communication Design managed by the Design First Mover Division has yet to concoct another artistic experience for next year’s participants, even luring more universities other than ERAM Escola Universitaria, Northeastern University, and CTU.   

Pahignalo maximized his time by exploring the city during off sessions.  Wherever he went  he discovered something new about the culture he was immersed into. RM/KML