Faculty braces for full K-12 implementation

CTU SHS coordinator Edwin Pilapil commends DepEd 7 representative Isaiah Wagas after his talk.

Since the partial implementation of K-12 in the country, many aspects of teaching-learning paradigm have undergone assessments by the Department of Education.

Like many schools offering senior high,  Cebu Technological University is at the fore in creating significant workshops, preparing the faculty for its full implementation next year.

For two days, CTU SHS Coordinator Edwin Pilapil and campus representatives relearned most especially grade computation, localization of concepts in lessons, adaptive learning strategy, curriculum guide preparation, e-class record and SHS forms.

DepEd 7 SHS coordinator Isaiah T. Wagas contributed by giving updates on DepEd orders relevant to SHS and  determining honor students.

Meanwhile, two professors from  CTU Main had inputs on work immersion as relevant experiences for student’s growth. Previous meetings showed great interest in student’s exposure to the industry as they prepare for the real work.

Dr. Pilapil introduced various activities such as open forum, lectures, and panel discussions among participants to bring about healthy and intellectual interchange of ideas.

Quality education among senior high learners is sought by DepEd and CTU for students to come to terms with what is ahead.

Where preparedness is concerned, CTU, at this point, should not be too worried. RM/KML