Student volunteers to light more homes

It is unthinkable living in a world without electricity. Being one of the most important things in life, it nurtures our daily existence as we largely depend on it.

The initiative of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Cebu and Cebu Technological University to educate students on solar installation for home-based application supplemented the sense of dependence communities have on power that fuels up daily activities.

On August 11, Vice President of Sun Magnet Phil. Corporations Jimmy Lasaca gave a talk on solar panel installation, its design, maintenance and troubleshooting to prepare students for the yearly installation of these units in off-grid communities.

Electrical Engineering students go by the rules in installing solar panels.

Moreover, Lasaca praised the participants for their activeness and dedication to learn.

“A light of hope for the coming generation will surely happen if we all work together.” KML/UPO