Trimmed down to 7: Singapore CDIO experts to train engineering faculty

CTU finalists collaborate in one of the activities in the 2-day training in Cebu.

A series of CDIO (Conceive Design Implement Operate) activities in Singapore will be rolled out to aid professional engineers in establishing better plans toward  making engineering institutions in the Philippines much ready to face market demands.

After a series of battery exams, trainings and workshops, Engr. Engilbert C. Benolirao (CTU Malabuyoc [Extension]), Engr. Delfa Castilla (CTU Danao), Engr. Maria Elena Aparente (CTU Main), Engr. Jeonel S. Lumbab (CTU Main), Engr. Al Emmanuel Caballes (CTU Tuburan), Engr. Manuelito D. Radam (CTU Main), and Engr. Ve Leslie E. Atanosa (CTU Main) are the seven (from 12)  remaining Cebu Technological University professors to gear up for the enormous undertaking.

The training will be attended by around 50 representatives from state universities and colleges (SUCs), which runs 16 times in four  months (September through December 2017 at Rizal technological University), and eight times in two months (February and April 2018 in Singapore).

“CDIO training personally had opened a wider career for me. I will be trained to facilitate learning to multidisciplinary students locally and globally,” said Engr. Castilla in a statement.

She also mentioned that learning new ideas from one another is the most important thing. “The training helps to refresh our knowledge.”

CTU Danao College of Engineering Dean Delfa Castilla (in black and orange blouse) finds fulfillment in recent involvement in CDIO program.

Engr. Aparente, in UPO’s interview, also elaborated on the importance of CDIO approach.

“[It] is a new technique in educating students because it’s more on application.”

Expressing gratitude for being chosen as one of the CTU delegates to participate in the training, she said, “Singapore’s training will be an intensive one. Once you participated [in] the first session, you must finish until the last session. In attending the training, you must have 100 percent commitment.”

Prior to the final selection, a 2-day seminar on the advanced CDIO framework was conducted on August 14 through 15 in Cebu.

Singaporean experts were better off in showing their country’s developments shown during the lectures as the outcome of efficient employment of CDIO approach.

CTU President Rosein Ancheta Jr. is in great position to expect the best outcome in this current endeavor initiated by the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges. KML/RM

Engr. Engilbert Binolirao elucidates concepts to members during the training.