Singapore Polytechnic student shares thoughts on Temasek Program at CTU

TFI-SCALE participant Jemimah Chan from Singapore Polytechnic speaks of her appreciation toward CTU Danao being the host of the Temasek Foundation leadership program.

Singapore Polytechnic optometry student Jemimah Chan pleasantly revealed her ideas on the chance Temasek Foundation gave her and the rest of the future leaders.

Coming to the Philippines, Jemimah, 18, said she  is overwhelmed by the sea from across the campus gate, people especially the students and everything that contributes to the rural feel of the new environment. She points to the way CTU students socialize as a part and parcel of their future career.

Occasionally smiling to emphasize on her statements, she believes in transforming the lives of people through positive thinking, which she and the rest of the participants are doing.

“We try to understand the needs…we try to develop like prototype for them. But of course, it takes a lot of steps … like a few days, but through deep study and intense research, we will be able to come up with the solution to help the community … .”

She thinks of embarking on a new experience. When the two-week stay shall have ended, she thought of sharing everything to  friends once she gets back to Singapore.

“… I’m gonna tell them I really, really like it. …  It’s really not just study. …. It’s a real thing; It’s not something that we just talk about. It is something that we carry out… .”

CTU Danao has done a marvelous job by far. She comments on the personnel doing a good job.

“The school is warm. … They do the extra mile just to help us and help the community. So I can see that they really really love to be part of the program. …” RM