Taiwan visit earns vital Kaohsiung partners

Cebu Technological University and I-Shou University representatives witness the MOU signing ceremony on August 28, 2017 at I-Shou Univeristy in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. (front row: CTU Vice President for Research and Development Gloria Delan, CTU Vice President for Academic Affairs Victor Villaganas, I-Shou University Vice President Liang-Chien Lee, I-Shou University College of Management Dean and I-Shou University International College Dean; back row: CTU Graduate School faculty and I-Shou University International and Cross-Strait Affairs officers.)

Edu-connect Southeast Asia of Taiwan led by Executive Director Dr. Eing Ming “Tim” Wu ushered Cebu Technological University and four major universities of Kaohsiung: I-Shou University, Shu-te University, National Kaohsiung Universities for Applied Sciences (KUAS), and National Kaohsiung University for Hospitality and Toursim (NKUHT).

The week-long stay in Taiwan earned CTU key officials and Graduate school faculty more partners as academic collaborations with Kaohsiung universities went on from August 26 through 31, 2017.

CTU inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with I-Shou University on the 28th, citing that the former will serve as host university in the Philippines for the bachelor/graduate program offerings of the latter and vice versa.

On August 30, Hamastar Technology presented their E-book and E-learning servicing to propose an incubator center in CTU.

Hamastar Technology General Manager Szu-Yuan Sun, who used to be an Engineering educator at National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology and a recipient of Excellence Industry-Academic Cooperation Award, mentioned CTU to be one of the three Philippine universities their company could support for start-up business incubation.

The project includes having five CTU faculty who are leaders of information technology train in Taiwan for this particular venture.

Other universities such as Shu-te University with its flagship in Design also welcomed the delegates and offered opportunities for partnership in Design trainings (by Shu-te University) while CTU would offer English courses.

KUAS, which has technological degree programs, is good match for a technological university such as CTU. It could work together in programs like Engineering, Mechatronics, Electronics, Hospitality and Tourism Management. Finally, NKHT presented their world-class hospitality and tourism facilities. CTU faculty may pursue international hospitality management courses in their university.

“We will strengthen our partnership with universities of Taiwan as they are the ones that are very open and willing to make joint efforts with us,” CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. reiterated in a statement.

CTU Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Victor D. Villaganas represented the President in the talks with aforesaid institutions. DG