Temasek Foundation leaders seek innovations with CTU Danao

TFI-SCALE leaders rehearse their dance presentation for CTU Danao variety show on September 13.

Around 50 students from Singapore Polytechnic and University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines Cagayan de Oro take part in the Temasek Foundation International Specialists’ Community Action and Leadership Exchange (TFI-SCALE) to experience Danao City’s rich and vibrant culture and allow innovations to come through with Cebu Technological University Danao.

TFI-SCALE primarily provides participants the opportunity to suggest prototypes based on the livelihood of people in the communities through the ‘design-thinking method’ espoused by the foundation.

Among those they would explore are  carabao milk production and white cheese making industry in Compostela, integrated farming in Brgy. Baliang and jackfruit candy making project of CTU Danao.

For two weeks, the program  abides by the principle of scaling to greater heights, highlighting on collaboration among student leaders, faculty and stakeholders for  promoting mutual understanding, building cross-cultural understanding and most importantly developing leadership skills.

CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. graced the opening program on September 10 and acknowledged the SP and USTP personnel for making CTU the partner university for the last two weeks (of the 5-week program) called the Overseas Social Innovation Project (OSIP).

It essentially provides services that facilitate student engagement, development, and learning experiences that prepare them for effective, inclusive, and innovative leadership in communities.

They are expected to solve real life problems aided by  revitalized minds for progress, encouraging  them to be more prolific in their endeavors.

Last week they visited aforesaid sites despite the bad weather. Heading back to the campus hometel, participants felt relaxed in going about their designs ready to be presented come Thursday so as to strengthen the viability of Danaoanon industries to compete with global trends.KML/RM