EE quizzers ace regionals


“Hard work meets talent” was the banner Mark Rene Trapila and his team brought home, exemplifying their great preparation that paid off.

He revealed they did much training months before the competition, which defined their readiness in winning the championship title on September 29 at the Regional Quiz Show for electrical engineering students.

Jim Carlos S. Daco, Xavier Julian P. Fernandez, Kenrick C. Piamonte, and Orland Arranguez knew it was one tough arena to beat seasoned quizzers. But on the day they proved more correct stances.

The team agreed that one question among many decided their win, and they thought of learning that from their training.

USC came second and CIT-U came third. Other participants were UC Main, UCLM, Naval State University and Samar State University. 

After three rounds, CTU and USC were determined to head to the nationals with more preparation along the way. 

Tips from topnotch electrical engineering alumni were some of those  providing edge to Trapila’s team among opponents.

Impetus to continue the legacy was what Piamonte also had in mind most of the time. Not enjoying the intramurals weeks ago was a volition.

Piamonte who had trips to quiz shows before said much needed to be done because he knew who they were facing.

Going to the nationals the team will have to spend some relaxation before hitting November to start the training for the event  next year.

“God deserves much credit,” the team acknowledged. RM