Main sets cultural mood for regionals

Taking much of the wins was the central division, CTU Main. It was decided. The rain didn’t matter as contestants had to prepare for their performances in the annual selection for PASUC Cultural Activity (regionals) on November 8 to 10 at  BISU Tagbilaran. 

A group of educators who toppled northern and southern campuses made the first major win in quiz bowl alongside pencil drawing, charcoal rendering and photography managed by College of Technology students.

President Rodrigo Duterte’s portrait inspires charcoal rendering winner.

The North (CTU Danao) owned the stage for extemporaneous, dagliang talumpati and pagkukuwento while the south won the storytelling competition.

More for the north was on-the-spot poster making by CTU Tuburan and painting by CTU San  Francisco.

Wrapping up the first day, the search for Mr. & Ms. Trimeet and Mr. & Ms. PASUC  is expected to draw the crowd tonight. RM