Chorale heading to nationals


CTU chorale perfected it! It was their epic performance heralding them as the new representative of region 7, clearly marking this year’s PASUC with a major fulfilment against the defending champions from another Cebu state university.

To the ears of anyone who listened to them earlier today, perhaps the note of certainty relative to the present circumstance with which he was putting himself in suggested to whether or not wrap oneself with a tight embrace. That might have crossed the mind many times especially when they sang Basil Valdez’ Ngayon, the second piece common to all contestants, which lifted spirits right from the start.

The narrowing and widening of vocal pathways seemed to resonate the unyielding grip felt upon one’s soul as notes fell into the ears, harmonized to create a complex emotion brewing up from within. One indeed would long to close his eyes ready to be soothed as well as mesmerized.

Rendering the contest piece, Nilo Alcala’s Tiptipa Temmakem, they sort of dropped an explosive to silence everyone after they were called to perform. The lilting tempos coupled with deadening sounds jolting anywhere in the music implied acuteness of listening ability they all possess to suspend the audience’s cares at the moment.

The key perhaps to the winning performance is something imbedded in each of them—that goal to be region 7’s flag bearer in the chorale competition which has never happened ever before.

Underdogs in the past years, CTU group had overcome today’s battle before they even knew it.

At first, it was as simple as standing in front in white and black outfit as mandated by the organizers. Second it was about the thought that they might not nail it again. Third it was the lack of audience to give a deafening applause from the crowd—-all never mattered.

Putting across a message so vividly done was enough to send them commendations before the official announcement was made—CTU group has awakened! It’s high time to sustain what has been resurrected—the passion to sing one’s heart out to not just simply win it but to cultivate the language of the soul that is music.

The coordination that now existed in the group results in a new direction which points to many triumphs including this afternoon’s sweet surprise.
“With this achievement, God really deserves praises… . It is such a great opportunity for our choir members to represent region 7 at the national level. It was quite overwhelming,” said coach Ann Frances Cabigon who closely works with coach Jonathan Theo Robles.

Looking ahead, the group may have yet to surpass their performance at the regionals to champion the next round for the first time. RM