CTU at 8: Glazing evening party with adrenaline

Looking just like Ang Probinsyano’s star, Coco Martin, Dr. Arthur Galo strikes back with that iconic back bend.

Adrenaline-charged night for the entire CTU group punctuated the 8th founding anniversary celebration yesterday, November 10.

Cocktail outfits inspired the evening as teaching and non-teaching personnel evoked the admiration for elegance and solidarity for just one night in a year.

Led by CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr., who stayed until theprogram ended as a sign of deep gratitude to CTU Danao being the host and to his fellow public servants, the anniversary was given more meaning in light of different presentations from each campus.

The host campus’ preparation paid off with their unique concept of having memes of ABS-CBN teleseryes such as Wildflower, Ang Probinsyano, A Love to Last and so on. Their own versions of every picture featuring the lead stars brought the house down knowing how phenomenal those imitated artists are in Philippine showbiz industry and how not so close some of the memes were as they appeared on screen.

The first meme of CTU Danao featuring Forevermore stars draws audience’s attention.

Winning the competition was a collaborative success by CTU Danao key officials prompted by Campus Director Rose Mary Almacen, who herself channeled Wildflower’s Ivy Aguas.

Dr. Rose Mary Almacen dons gown, reverberating power as Wildflower’s lead star.

CTU Argao kicked off the entertainment with the Gangnam groove and Baby Shark delight. Campus Director Juanita Pinote dressed in K-Pop fashion as well as other members, reflecting the flexibility they possess in unravelling the other side of themselves. They also interpreted Madonna’s Material Girl upon hitting the stage with something sensational still, at least, in today’s era. Rounding up at no.3 was an accomplishment.

CTU Argao Campus Director (L) Juanita Pinote in K-Pop inspired costume receives cash prize handed by CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr.

Singing to the tunes of their time, CTU San Francisco faculty belted favorite songs interpreted by students through expressive body movements. Like Dr. Pinote, Campus Director Serapion Tanduyan never missed a thing when he sang at the top of his lungs. His voice’s superb quality proved his versatility in managing not just the campus but also his co-singers on stage who put up great confidence illuminating their faces. 

With CTU Daananatayan, the craft had just gotten better. Replacing the lyrics of “Only You” , they echoed the message of  CTU 8th anniversary throughout the song.

Serious and united, Daanbantayan singers reinvented “Only You.”

The extravagance of candid display of talent welled up with CTU Moalboal and CTU Carmen doing mashups in their dance performances. Carmen group filled the stage with students and personnel in green shirts, whose movements depicted synchronization for the most part.

Carmen performers find themselves quick and alert followers of dance steps as they make they way through the ending.

Meanwhile, an edgy yet sort of playful performance from Campus Director Romeo Publio of Moalboal appeared to be one of the highlights with his graceful swaying of hips. Though quite difficult to catch up for him from an onlooker’s perspective but at least he finished the last dance step and popped confetti thereafter.

CTU Moalboal Campus Director Romeo Pableo busts his move midway through the dance number.

It was followed by the Dream Girls wannabee of CTU Tuburan, whose neon outfits lit up the stage. Emulating the song production in the movie, the threesome made singing as relaxing as possible before they were joined by three ladies withsimilar neon costumes accented by neon feathers on top of their heads. The dance routine was enough to grill the fats in the belly, which very well entertained the audience. The judges placed them at no. 2.

CTU Tuburan academics stage the night’s finale number.

Synergy surfaced among the CTU workforce as the final seconds ticked. The gathering for the 8thanniversary is by far the oneto remember. Leaving the hall at 10 p.m. after the merriment was as definite as allowing silence to fill the space though momentarily.

As the night turns into day a new chapter for CTU unfolds. RM