CTU celebrates 8th founding anniversary  

CTU personnel release doves and balloons to signify renewed commitment for development during the 8th founding anniversary hosted by CTU Danao.

Converted in 2009 through R.A. 9744, Cebu Technological University (CTU), formerly Cebu State College of Science and Technology (CSCST), commemorated on November 10 its 8th founding anniversary.

CTU Danao   ushered   guests  in the morning  to its newly renovated Student Activity Center, one of the many projects in CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr.’s administration.

Reminding everyone of the need for progress in terms of innovation, transparency and quality service was the intention of Dr. Ancheta in his speech.

He believed in a healthy workplace for both students and personnel toward   maintaining the premier brand of the university.

The new face of CTU Danao’s Activity Center reflects elegance and style.

Since he took office in 2015, booming infrastructure has   been one of the many outputs that evidenced his vision for a greater CTU.

The mention of producing quality  members of the workforce by one of the guests from the local government of Danao was a commendation to the responsibility exercised by the   pool of academics who have been working closely with the administration to comply with standards.

He also reiterated the president’s note on continuing the pact between CTU and other local government units as they also promote the success of CTU located in almost  all key areas of Cebu Province.

Celebrating the founding anniversary serves as a commitment to proceed with the goal of  fulfilling the tasks set for  the greater involvement of stakeholders.

At the outset of the groundbreaking ceremony following the releasing of doves and balloons in shimmering confetti, CTU Danao Campus Director Rose Mary Almacen declared the start of the construction of the GAA-funded  Research and Development and Engineering Building to be completed within  270 calendar days.

CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. and CTU Danao Campus Director Rose Mary Almacen break ground for the Research and Development and Engineering Building during the 8th Founding Anniversary on November 10, 2017.


She spoke of the school’s obligation to provide students the best venue for learning in order to advance knowledge and skills for the nation’s capability to compete among developing countries.                                                                                                                                                                                               

The implementation of the project runs alongside other plans to complete other 14 GAA-funded  developments  for 2018 amounting to 155 million pesos as mentioned by Dr. Ancheta at the groundbreaking event before heading back to the activity center for lunch.

From opening ceremony to midday, participants were partially drawn to the events that continue in the afternoon with some parlor games   and a cocktail party in the evening.  RM