CTU Ms. PASUC Regionals bet is 1st runner-up

Marie Angelley Campaner, 19, dazzles in her modern Filipiniana gown.

Marie Angelley Campaner’s road to 2017 Regional MR. & MS. PASUC was an arduous one, but with the support system from her loved ones, she managed to stand tall bearing the first runner-up title.

The English major from CTU Aragao exuded elegance and composure during the coronation night on November 9.

Judge Rex Peter Cayabangan’s question on what brings her happiness in life never bothered the Argao beauty as she quickly thought of the proper values that have molded her to be an ambassador for unity and diversity in the context of PASUC idealism.

Campaner’s minor awards: Most Photogenic, Best in High Fashion Award and Best in Production Number proved her effulgence in carrying the name of her institution amidst pressure. KML

CTU Sports Director Nemia Zamora shares victory with university bet after winning “most photogenic” award.