Dancers stay course at no. 2

Dance categories favored CTU contenders at second place except in contemporary dance where CTU Argao performers landed third place this morning as 2017 Regional PASUC Cultural Festival continues.

Aiming to represent the university at the nationals, CTU Carmen street dancers, who initially wowed the crowd with their Hawaiian motif and clean segue into the middle groove of the routine, fell behind BISU group. 

CTU Carmen street dancers balance extremities for preliminary routine.

The indigenous category being filled with cultural ornaments had CTU group surface with their cogon-made hand props swinging back and forth to complement numerous stunts until the end of the performance. However, CNU preparation outlasted their interpretation of ethnicity.

CTU contenders for indigenous dance execute the final choreography.

At the outset, CTU Moalboal folk dancers set the tone with their version of “lapay bantiki”, usually performed with the body’s alacrity in bending forward while moving the hips from side to side. Exquisite movements apart from the basics went well with the formations that would have taken them to the top spot had they not been overtaken by the champion’s more refined gestures and transitions.

Common to the performances are fabrics of life weaved into the dance steps. Not just the traditional Filipino culture but also its modern and postmodern sensibilities hit students and teachers alike from one group of dancers to another at BISU’s gymnasium.

With the results, CTU never loses the grip but remains steadfast in competing for another round given the amount of practice put in, hopefully sending dance teams to the nationals next year. RM