Ending 2017 PASUC quest with 3 major wins

CTU Culture and Arts Director Francisco Lucero (R) and CTU Sports Director Nemia Zamora bear 2nd place trophy for the entire CTU delegation at Bohol Island University Tagbilaran on the last night (November 9) of the 3-day PASUC Culture and Arts Festival.

Chorale, on-the-spot painting and radio drama contests pushed CTU to competing at the nationals in the final week of November.

Not previously championed, chorale and radio drama were major names this year for the university unlike on-the-spot painting which assures CTU a  national slot every time.

Channeling efforts to attaining best delivery of melodies, the CTU choir bounced back from past years’ lopsided takes.

Meanwhile, BSDevCom students’ precise attack on the theme made it possible to snatch long-held trophy by another Cebu state university.

A majority of second placers in visual arts: photography, charcoal rendering, and on-the-spot painting paralleled that of literary arts especially in extemporaneous speaking, dagliang talumpati and pagkukuwento.

The 2017 Regional PASUC Culture and Arts Festival for CTU meant one thing— more aggressiveness for next year as second place in most categories is an inch closer to the excellent performances the competitions uphold. RM/KML