Friendly matches sizzle 8th anniversary

Yesterday’s afternoon session made it through with ball games, sustaining the mood in celebration of the university’s 8th anniversary despite scorching heat.

Each campus had representatives in tennis, basketball, and chess with CTU Carmen, CTU Danao and CTU Main in friendly matches.

Tennis, nestled in a cool shade, had CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. show his cup of tea as he was doing strategic smashes with some key officials from different campuses.

Basketball lovers went beyond 5 p.m. for the second match between CTU Main and CTU Danao, making quarterback passes, solid dribbling, low post dilemmas, floaters and perimeter shots.

Midway through the game, draining 3s through the basket made them so much into the celebration, as spending time and effort was as good as breaking free from the day’s work for such an annual event.

Ready for the evening cocktail party, CTU personnel spent the day with concrete understanding of what it was to pay tribute to the university converted in 2009 from CSCST to the name that now stands—Cebu Technological University. RM