CTU is ESSU’s benchmark

ESSU delegates visit Radyo ng Bayan with host Annabelle Lagrosas at CTU Main.

Cebu  Technological University has earned good reputation among universities and colleges in the Philippines hence becoming one of the major destinations for education and skills training—two of the many factors that drew students and faculty from Eastern Samar State University (ESSU) on November 17.

The visit gave them some information on the university’s developments especially in terms of infrastructure evidenced by the newest facility, the 97-million Science and Technology building standing amidst other buildings in the main campus.

University Director for Information, Communications and Public Affairs Rhodora G. Magan toured the  visitors around the campus and facilitated in giving them enough information about the university. They managed to look at the laboratories, academic rooms, radio station, mini restaurant (manned by HRM students), and engineering building among others.

Meanwhile, they would have learned best practices from the Supreme Student Government officers had they been able to meet any of them during the time. KML