CTU Daanbantayan, Argao join Bangkok’s discussion on UN SDGs

Irize Limbaga and Excel Ann Compuesto represent Cebu Technological University at the 2017 AUAP-sponsored talk in Thailand on November 22 through 25, 2017.

One of the best experiences, by far, for any student  is closing out this year with a major involvement in solving some of the world’s biggest threats to humanity.

Tertiary representative Excel Ann Compuesto of CTU Daanbanatayan and senior high contestant Irize Limbaga of  CTU Argao did it as they  took their first flight to Thailand’s capital in November to share thoughts on the  United Nation’s sustainable development goals (SDGs).

These goals constitute ending poverty, fostering partnerships, conducting dialogues, and promoting quality education among others.

Hosting this year’s critical talk through a speaking competition, Siam University ushered 71 students from Asia-Pacific universities, each with a different take on the matter.

Compuesto focused on cultural diversity requiring authentic initiative from entities while Limbaga elaborated on the road to organic change which requires every individual to make a move.

Hearing voices of other delegates, Compuesto initially felt uneasiness to speak up but was eventually overcome by her determination to be heard. What she and Limbaga had prepared never earned them spots in the competition, but their exclusive breakdown of issues and resolutions in their speeches amidst equally-deserving opponents (60 for college and 11 for senior high) would already leave a mark in  some of the listeners.

Grateful for the opportunity, both had maximized their stay in one of the country’s 5-star getaways, where they and the rest of the participants had been taught  to prepare Thailand’s best cuisines apart from other engagements prepared by the Association of Universities in Asia and the Pacific (AUAP).

Compuesto and Limbaga were the first university  representatives to the gathering held annually by said organization. RM