Radio dramatists debut at 9th National PASUC Festival

CTU Main Development Communication students perform drug-related radio drama at the 9th PASUC Literary and Cultural Arts in Dumaguete in November.

Joining the nationals for the first time is noteworthy for any group that relies on commitment and determination—-that is the case of CTU Main DevCom group which made their first mark in radio drama category at the nationals in November.

The artistry in changing the voice in myriad ways to sound as many personalities as possible is a marvelous craft.

Coursing through the wavelengths of  Dumaguete’s DWYC, voices of dramatists all over the country were heard.

It was   definitely survival of the fittest. There may not be much time to prepare for it in the case of CTU, but the performance after they were introduced was phenomenal.

One thing that would surely linger in the thoughts of the listeners was their advocacy on helping out those who are addicted to illegal drugs.

The cause presented was far-reaching  and it deserved an accolade at the end of the day.

No miscues were recorded but once the curtain fell by the time the last performers showcased their talent, winners had to be declared and non-winners had to learn from that beautiful experience.

Prof. Eva Jona Enojas’ team was well aware of the test they were in at the moment , which allowed them to see the culture and nature of the competition.

Heading home, they were wearing big smiles as the reality dawned that champions are not made overnight. RM